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ADHD Tutoring Services in Palm Harbor, FL

Rely on our ADHD tutoring services in Palm Harbor, FL, when you child is struggling with paying attention and focusing on his or her studies. Our tutors understand that it is a difficult time during and after the diagnosis period, and we aim to help you and your child through this period as effectively as we can. Students with ADHD need special attention to make certain that they are grasping each concept and learning the best ways to stay focused.

At Grade Power Learning, we offer your child the ADHD tutoring assistance that he or she needs through patience, experience, and special methods. We believe that the ability to pay attention is an acquired skill, and anyone can develop it with time and practice. We have been successful making competent, interested, and serious students of many children described as having "behavior problems" and being "unmotivated."

ADHD Tutoring Center Focused on Your Child

No matter how many or how few sessions your child needs, we are happy to go over similar problems time and again to ensure your child is comfortable with the subject before moving on. Our tutoring center also offers a number of specials to help you help your child. Our current special saves you $200 on any of our tutoring programs if you sign your child up for three or more months at our center. While we are an ADHD tutoring center, we are able to help in a number of different areas to better suit your child's needs. These subjects include:

  • Learning Disability
  • SAT Preparation
  • ACT Preparation

ADHD Tutoring Assistance from Experienced Tutors

Our tutors know that working with a child who has ADHD is different from working with any other child. However, in many ways, we use the same practices as we would with any child, by sticking to our roots of patience and focusing on building the child's confidence in his or her own abilities before moving on to tougher subjects. We realize that what works for one child may not work for all of them, which is why we tailor all of our sessions to the particular child we are working with. While this is how our tutoring center works effectively with your child, we also have many other ways, including:

  • Developing Self-Confidence
  • Working in Small Chunks
  • Providing Variety
  • Finding His or Her Passion
  • Avoiding Assumptions
  • Incorporating Hands-on Activities
  • Working with Motivation Problems

Contact us when your child needs extra help in school or even SAT or ACT preparation courses. We proudly serve Palm Harbor, Largo, Trinity, Seminole and Clearwater, FL, plus the surrounding areas.

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