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SAT Preparation Services in Palm Harbor, FL

Choose any of our three programs to ensure your child is calm and comfortable when it comes to taking the SATs. Our reputable SAT preparation services in Palm Harbor, FL, are known for giving students the support and confidence they need to do their best on these tests. At Grade Power Learning, we ensure your child has the skills necessary for a high score on the SAT examination. We focus on the math, writing, and critical reading skills first to determine which your child needs more help with before going into detail on one or more of the subjects.

Each of our SAT preparation class covers a lot of ground in a relatively short amount of time. These skills will help your child learn the preparation, studying, critical thinking, and learning skills that he or she will need throughout any academic and professional careers. Our program options thoroughly include all of the following:

  • Review of Math, Writing, and Critical Reading Skills
  • Extra Support for Areas In Which Students Are Weak
  • Individualized Attention from Highly Qualified Instructors
Take-Home Units for Self-Directed Study
Timed Practice Tests for Superior Preparation

One-on-One Individualized Test Preparation

This is a 10-week course that offers your student intense, one-on-one tutoring with a master's level tutor. The course includes our Workbook and Study Guide with three proctored tests and full analyses once complete. Students complete 35 in-class hours with additional home assignments to get the best quality preparation.

Thorough SAT Preparation Class for All Sections

Our tutoring center offers three different classes, which all include at-home practice assignments, for your child to prepare him or herself for test day. Our courses are listed below with a short description of what each SAT preparation class involves.

Test Preparation in Palm Harbor FL

Class-Style Test Preparation

This SAT preparation class allows students to prepare for the SAT in a group setting. There are up to eight students per class, which gives your student the benefit of peer studying sessions. Also included are the Workbook and Study Guide. Students complete 10 two-hour in-class sessions with home assignments. Proctored tests are available for a nominal fee.

SAT Preparation Center Ensures Increased Test Scores

Our SAT preparation center focuses on repetition and test-like settings to help prepare your student for the final test day. During this time, we want to teach your student the skills necessary to take with them through college and into the workforce. Critical thinking and learning skills are essential to any successful college or work career.

One-on-One Individualize Test Prep, Fast Track

This SAT preparation class is eight weeks long and condenses the 10-week timeline listed above. Eight weeks is the minimum time we recommend to begin preparing for a test. All items and practices included above are also offered in this course.

Contact us when your child needs extra help in school or even SAT or ACT preparation courses. We proudly serve Palm Harbor, Largo, Trinity, Seminole and Clearwater, FL, plus the surrounding areas.

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