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Enrichment Learning Programs in Palm Harbor, FL

Rely on Grade Power Learning to give your student the skills he or she needs for a successful academic career. Our enrichment learning programs in Palm Harbor, FL, are geared to tap into and align students with the subjects they are most interested in. By providing more individualized services than a regular tutoring center, we create a positive environment and structure for enhanced, effective learning. Our focus is to help your child become a better student throughout his or her educational years. The learning skills we teach are easily translated from grade to grade, and even into a professional career.

Our tutors believe in helping students help themselves. We break down the concepts and made it easy for any child to understand math, grammar, and science. By working with your child at a comfortable pace, we can deal with more difficult concepts, such as critical thinking and integrating new information into his or her daily life. Our enrichment learning center ensures your child will grow rapidly as a student, gaining confidence in his or her skills along the way. We are proud of the success we've had with every child that has completed our program.

Enrichment Learning Services for Life

Our enrichment learning services are unique to the area because they are geared toward developing core skills and deep-seated confidence building. We allow your child to be in charge of his or her own learning, setting the pace, the subject, and even how much we cover in one session or over a series of sessions.

Young Children in Palm Harbor FL

Investing in your student with our services is sure to provide improved work habits, enhanced listening skills, and how to study most effectively. We cover and emphasize all of the following learning methods:

  • Use Mental Aids
  • Think Figuratively
  • Seriously Question New Information
  • Concentrate, Plan, Listen, 
    and Remember
  • Integrate New Information
    into Daily Life
  • Understand and Make
    Sense of What Is
  • Being Taught

Enrichment Learning Center for Higher Learning

Our tutors are experts in their fields and have years of experience working with students of all ages and levels of learning. Our main focus for your student is to learn the essential skills listed above so that he or she will be able to overcome new challenges easily and comfortably. Many of our students return for a visit and let us know how successful they are in their academic endeavors. Help your child by enrolling him or her in our enrichment learning center in order to accomplish all of the following:

  • Share Ideas Willingly
  • Persevere to Reach Goals
  • Show Initiative and Self-Direction
  • Respond Positively to Challenges
  • Develop a Positive Attitude
    toward Learning

Contact us when your child needs extra help in school or even SAT or ACT preparation courses. We proudly serve Palm Harbor, Largo, Trinity, Seminole and Clearwater, FL, plus the surrounding areas.

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