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Tutoring Services in Palm Harbor, FL

When you have tried every avenue to help your child learn, turn to us for tutoring services in Palm Harbor, FL, and the surrounding areas. The approach that we take for tutoring our students goes beyond helping with tests or homework assignments, though those are places where we can begin. Our technique is a full, enriching learning experience that lasts well beyond the classroom.

Grade Power Learning uses cognitive learning techniques to help your child develop more effective ways of thinking, concentrating, listening, and remembering. In other words, we teach your children how to learn. Our programs cover a range of issues your child may have, but there is nothing that our tutoring company cannot handle. We pledge that your child will begin to improve after he or she has joined us for a few tutoring sessions.

Tutoring Center in Palm Harbor FL

Tutoring Center for All Ages

Rely on us to instill a love of learning into your child. We believe that every child can achieve greatness, and your child's path to greatness begins with doing well in school. When you notice your child struggling, no matter what the reason, our tutoring center is able to help them. Our tutors are the brightest and most patient mentors and work directly with your child at each of his or her sessions.

Our tutoring services cover a range of different students, from those who are are above average to and want to farther ahead and those to who need the extra boost them get their grades up.

Also important to note are the specials that we offer, which make it easier for you to help your child. In fact, you save $200 on any of our tutoring programs if you sign your child up for three or more months at our center. The tutoring services we offer include:

  • Homework Help
  • Academic Support
  • Enrichment Learning
  • SAT Preparation
  • ACT Preparation
  • ADHD Tutoring Services
  • Learning Disability Tutoring

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A Different Kind of Tutoring Company

Where many tutoring centers simply provide help for specific subjects for your children, our tutoring company takes a different approach to helping students achieve academic excellence. Our tutors work on an individualized program with your child on the skills and tools that he or she needs in order to work through problems confidently and comfortably. We promote and want to inspire critical thinking skills in your child, not rote memorization.

Our Specials

Our tutoring center specialists know that the root of some students' problem is that they lack confidence in themselves. This is why we work closely with your child and begin with the basics of the subject he or she struggles with. In this manner, we slowly build confidence in the subject that was previously the most difficult for the child. Once their confidence has grown, we have seen countless children accomplish anything they put their minds to.

Contact us when your child needs extra help in school or even SAT or ACT preparation courses.  We proudly serve Palm Harbor, Largo, Trinity, Seminole and Clearwater, FL, plus the surrounding areas.

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